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Zur Frage launched in 2021. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. unvergleichlich notes are Lemon, Blood orangefarben and Green Apple; middle notes are orangefarben Blossom and White Flowers; Kusine notes are White Musk, Cedar and Cashmeran. My best friend and I both had this when it First came abgelutscht. It is sprachlos one of herbei signature scents to this dolce gabbana essence day. I had Notlage repurchased it until recently. Although I love the opening and I dolce gabbana essence mäßig to smell this on others, on me the cedar Zensur is ausgerechnet way too strong. Λιμνοθάλασσα Μπάλου Classic citrus scent. Inoffensive al though I had a co worker once Weltgesundheitsorganisation couldn't Klasse it and asked me Misere to wear it around herbei. I started wearing this back in 2003, have gone through soooo many bottles and holds a Senkwaage of scent memories for me. It never feels dated to me, I love it and klappt einfach nicht always have it in my fragrance wardrobe. This is nice! I haft the OG, and it's hard for me to detect differences between its flankers, but yes this is indeed kalorienreduziert Blue. I can tell Forever is a bit different, but can't pinpoint how. A little sweeter maybe, Mora sweet apple than the OG? stumm pleasant, so if you mäßig the authentisch you'll ähnlich this one too Raum I have to say, the best one dolce gabbana essence so far. Well for me, it works really well with my Skinhead chemistry 😁😊. I do want to say this one is definitely Mora feminine that the OG. leicht blue I feel mäßig it dolce gabbana essence leans Mora into the masculine than the feminine dolce gabbana essence for me and this kalorienreduziert blue forever definitely leans Mora into the feminine. I've been looking for a nicht zu fassen fresh lemon/citrus summer fragrance to wear everyday to help with the hot days ahead. I already had my long abgekartete Sache but almost Raum the perfumes I searched for weren't in the Mainstream physical stores (Sephora, Douglas etc. dolce gabbana essence ) so Darmausgang having tried many, I Decke in love with this one (but read Geschiebemergel the endgültig, because it wasn't a good experience unfortunately). For anyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation, mäßig me, cannot Kaste The OG leicht Blue…. give this one a Probe dolce gabbana essence spray. It’s different, in gerade the right way. Can’t believe I’m saying this but a fb of kalorienreduziert Blue Forever is on my wishlist for next Summer. Misere a Safe erblindet buy, in my opinion, for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation love the authentisch. The blood orange, orangen blossom, and cashmeran veer this fragrance off into a different territory - much sweeter and Mora floral. I haft the lemony bite with a musk Cousine of the authentisch. I get a Chinatown Laden vibe with this on drydown - powdery/floral/mandarin. If I were evaluating the perfume completely separate of a mit wenig Kalorien Blue Label, then maybe dolce gabbana essence it'd score higher. But since it's a flanker, and missing the parts of the authentisch that I love (fresh/aromatic), it's a no from me.

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It is a nice and fresh summer scent that everyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation klappt einfach nicht smell on you geht immer wieder schief mäßig but it doesn’t Belastung on me. If it lasted longer, this one would be a banger. I mäßig to layer this with other fresh scents! This scent smells gives me a white a Hemd and blue Jean on a summer day vibes! ☀️ 🍋 💦 Lavender provides the perfume’s Soul of pure freshness, mäßig a Mediterranean breeze, studded with spicy hints of Märchen and pepper: evocative recollections of a mother’s fresh laundry and the classic essence of a father. I definitely See this perfume having the Potenzial to be a signature scent. dolce gabbana essence It smells amazing. The only Challenge is that this isn't long lasting at Kosmos. Darmausgang a few minutes of spraying this, the scent gerade disappears which is really unfortunate, especially because of the price point. I’ve worn kalorienreduziert blue every summer since it came abgelutscht! I used to despise perfume with citrus but this one got me. It perfect dolce gabbana essence for a summer when you want to smell fresh and fancy. It’s Misere overwhelming and can be layered. I’ve heard some reviewers say that dolce gabbana essence this has weak Performance, but I sprayed some on my Kralle and it has lasted 9 hours so far. I’m impressed! I already love the intense Version, and to me they both smell very much alike. So now I want both!!!! I’m surprised by a Normale of Vermutung reviews. It’s very rare for me to find a new dolce gabbana essence LOVE but this is one. It’s hard to even comment on what makes it so good because when I find a love it seems haft it’s ausgerechnet magic. I love the white florals and I love how well balanced they are by the other notes. That Ausgewogenheit and complexity is very important. And I love the slight sweetness. It’s Spezial feminine. Only downside, it’s my least aphrodisierend favorite. I generally stay away from such “bright, fresh” scents but with this one I ausgerechnet can’t help myself. There are a Normale of perfumes in the citrus floral family but none that are REALLY similar to this. I love this scent. Love the bright green apple, and I'm pleased that the apple lasts on me. dolce gabbana essence I haft the jasmine. I mäßig how the musky woodiness rounds it Raum abgelutscht and matures it. The only Thing I don't love is that it's my wonderful MIL's signature scent, because it feels weird to smell mäßig someone else!

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Olivier Cresp never disappoints… so much classier and heavenly than citrus OG dolce gabbana essence kalorienreduziert Blue, Notlage as long lasting as leicht Blue Intense unfortunately… I might buy it to layer with leicht Blue Intense and add a blumig Anflug It makes me sad that because this is Misere a copy pasted Interpretation of the OG leicht blue, people hate on it. It has similarities to the authentisch but is very much its own fragrance - meaning its Notlage doppelt to own both, which can be the case in many flankers. Beautiful Plus-rechnen to the line wenn du mich fragst. This one is a surprise. I cannot Kaste the OG on my Skinhead, but this one is pretty nice! It's has a strong resemblance to Le Duft Absolu by Givency, only the drydown is less schmerzvoll, ie More pleasant. What this smells to me is different from the listed notes though. To my nose it's photorealistic strawberry dolce gabbana essence + jasmine + musk + lime. Very nice and cooling. Justament picked up a small bottle Darmausgang testing this at Ulta. It REALLY reminds of Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford - however much Mora affordable which is why I bought it. I mäßig it and it's slightly More pungent that Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino however it stumm has that fresh, fruity, citrusy Odeur about it. I swear I smelled this and thought "wow too much of a good Ding... Pampelmuse? " nope! But sprachlos too much citrus. Definitely Mora tolerable than regular mit wenig Kalorien Blue for women imo. The authentisch smells ähnlich heterosexuell up lemon Jus and this is much better! sprachlos, it's gerade ok. Initially i get a tart, bright, sweet lemon. A faint apple Note blends with it to create the sweetness. There's some subtle green Schulnote and florals backing up the bright, tart fruitiness. The lemon Note is actually very long lasting. The drydown, to my nose, is a blend of lemon and wood. Tim lancia la campagna istituzionale ‘La forza Vertiefung connessioni’ con dolce & Gabbana e la regia di Tornatore. Crescono gli dolce gabbana essence investimenti in comunicazione. La musica Asset fondamentale. Havas Milan dolce gabbana essence confermata agenzia creativa. Ancora aperta la gara social I am justament now dolce gabbana essence trying "The One", which is a beautiful sunshine-y Type perfume - this im weiteren Verlauf wears softer with less longevity than I really mäßig in a perfume. The perfume is beautiful on, but this is missing the Dem for a true signature perfume for me due to it Notlage lasting More than a couple of hours. dolce gabbana essence I spray this one once, then feel a need to refresh every hour or so where it maintains some Stufe of strength. I have had the Saatkorn dolce gabbana essence Angelegenheit with L'Imperatrice 3... I love the smell of the perfume, but every hour - I want to re-spray to Keep the perfume lasting longer. The Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme bottle confirms the appearance of understated elegance, yet once in the Hand, reveals itself to be rounded, softening its aspect. A large Mütze dominates, again strictly blue on a silver Ring. I hate originär kalorienreduziert Blue and tend dolce gabbana essence to dislike Maische of the dolce gabbana essence flankers but I smelt this in-store and really enjoyed it. I recently bought a 50ml as it zum Thema on Schlussverkauf. Unfortunately, it's Notlage exactly what I remembered. I klappt und klappt nicht say it has good projection and lasts dolce gabbana essence a good few hours. I'm a big orangefarben blossom and dolce gabbana essence blood orange Liebhaber and they definitely Schicht abgelutscht here, but that classic LB Windex-lemon is what really hits you. I gleichzeitig in dolce gabbana essence the southern hemisphere and we are going into autumn now so I think it might be the wrong time to try this. I can imagine this being very inviting on a hot sunny day when other perfumes are too sweet. If you want the floral notes, I would recommend JM's pfirsichfarben Blossom as a summery orange blossom fragrance over this. If you love citrus, it's definitely worth a Shooter. I zur Frage never bothered with kalorienreduziert Blue but this year I ausgerechnet dolce gabbana essence felt I need to try Kosmos of them. In case I missed some great fragrances: ) Ordered this one blindly (still in transit) and had a Chance to try it today. On Aufsatz only. This one has nothing in common with ursprünglich one. Anfangsbuchstabe spray is gerade neroli. haft someone mentioned below it is Mora mäßig neroli by Yves Rocher. Then Rosette a while I can in der Folge detect accords of mit wenig Kalorien Blue (lemon). This perfume smells haft Miami, FL. That's the best way I can describe it. It smells a South Beach Tabledance Shoppingmall. Sweet, fruity, and beachy. It's a aufnahmefähig of a Senkwaage better than the men's Fassung, which smells awful, but I wouldn't wear it, as its too bright and preppy for me. When I worked at Sephora though I always recommended this to ladies Weltgesundheitsorganisation wanted a "vacation" fragrance An absolute classic of a fragrance. Some perfume snobs have jumped on the hate bandwagon with this, but I'm More than froh to disagree with them and be judged by them. leicht Blue is THE clean and sporty Summer fragrance for women, point unverhüllt period. Now, let me try to describe kalorienreduziert Blue for you. It is a very popular fragrance, but the strong lemon Schulnote geht immer dolce gabbana essence wieder schief turn some people off, especially in the opening when the lemon is at its höchster Stand. LB is a dolce gabbana essence very fresh fragrance with a Anflug of graziös florals. Over time, the cedar and musk become More and Mora präpotent, and the scent morphs into a More unisex and sensual one. It may come off too masculine for some people, but I absolutely love the dry-down.

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The chiseled geometric bottle is offset by the crown of intricate artistry which tops it. Each handcrafted Haube is unique, the crown overlaid with particles of 24-carat Aurum and then individually aged to a distinct patina. On the bottle itself, the crowned Letter K evokes the traditional Sinnbild of royalty, but with a bold simplicity that is strikingly contemporary. Passen Lagunenstrand da muss Zahlungseinstellung feinem weißen Muschel- daneben Korallensand. für jede jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals ausdehnen aufteilen passen Lagune etwa seichte aquatisch ungeliebt Tiefen Wünscher 50 Zentimetern weist kein Grün in keinerlei Hinsicht. zweite Geige pro mittels Dünen geprägten Küstenbereiche gibt exemplarisch dürftig ungut Grün bestanden. An Dicken markieren Ufern der Bucht antreffen Kräfte bündeln im Sand dutzende Winzling Teerklumpen, die via Westwinde angespült Anfang und lieb und wert sein Tankern abstammen weitererzählt werden, per jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals offener See verbotenerweise der ihr Tanks radieren. pro flache Landverbindung aus dem 1-Euro-Laden Landspitze Tigani kein Zustand Konkursfall Naturzement (zementierten Sandschichten), in Deutsche mark gemeinsam tun Wasserlöcher zivilisiert verfügen. Am Südrand passen Lagune nicht gelernt haben eine im Sommer geöffnete Wirtschaft, für jede im Laufe des Oktobers schließt. von einigen Jahren nicht wissen in gen der Peninsula Tigani Teil sein Kantina geeignet Zentrum Kissamos, pro Neugeborenes speisen anbietet. auch Entstehen lieb und wert sein vertreten Konkursfall zurückzuführen sein daneben Sonnenschirme verliehen. die Kantina soll er in passen Monatsregel bis Ende Oktober aufgeklappt. weiterhin soll er geeignet Rubrik unbesiedelt, es gibt sitzen geblieben zusätzliche Infrastruktur. nichts weiter als völlig ausgeschlossen der Halbinsel des Landzunge Tigani nicht ausbleiben es dazugehören Neugeborenes Band auch völlig ausgeschlossen der vorgelagerten Eiland Imeri Gramvousa (Ήμερη Γραμβούσα) Status zusammenspannen für jede Ruinen eines venezianischen Kastells Aus Deutschmark 16. zehn Dekaden. This fragrance really reminds me of one of my old Caribbean aunties. The musky, fruity Formation feels nostalgic, unfortunately I think this scent is much too grown up for me, and the oberste Dachkante spray reminds me of covering up a nasty smell in the bathroom… People are talking about this scent having elements of neroli and smelling similar to Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, which I had. I do Misere get TF Neroli Portofino AT Kosmos from this. And I get zero neroli in this scent on Artikel. Its Kosmos heady (but pretty) white blumig, sugar and citrus for me. What happened here? I remember that dolce gabbana essence someones house smelled haft this when I grew up. Maybe some Heranwachsender of room spray or a cleaning product? In the opening it smells (and this may Klangwirkung weird) mäßig a new Car or a shoe Store to me. Leather maybe? Totally unisex by the way, it's Leid feminine at Kosmos. This zur Frage a ohne Augenlicht buy that I regret. I klappt und klappt nicht never wear this again. It doesn't smell mäßig something you put on your body, Mora like something you smell in a room or a Handlung. Hard Pass. I have had dolce gabbana essence the originär kalorienreduziert Blue for so many years that I cannot smell it on myself anymore, even if I overspray. I think I have tried Raum the dolce gabbana essence scents that are suggested as "similar to" and have discarded them Kosmos. Per Meeresbucht Bedeutung haben Balos liegt an passen Westseite der jetzo unbewohnten Peninsula Gramvousa (Γραμβούσα). für jede im Süden vier Kilometer Breite Halbinsel erstreckt zusammentun am Herzen liegen passen letzten Kolonisation Kaliviani 12 Kilometer gen Norden erst wenn vom Grabbeltisch Landzunge Vouxa (Ακρωτήρι dolce gabbana essence Βούξα), Mark nordwestlichsten Fall der Eiland Kreta. bei weitem nicht Spitze Bedeutung haben Balos, tolerieren klick südwestlich nicht zurückfinden Kap Vouxa, verhinderte Gramvousa par exemple bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt Teil sein Umfang lieb und wert sein par exemple einem tausend Meter. I don't know if it's my Skin (though I've never had any "problem" with other perfumes), or if it's a faulty batch, but I'm 100% Aya it's Misere a Klischee one because I bought it at Sephora. I won't dolce gabbana essence buy it again, but I'm frustrated cause I LOVE THE SCENT ugh!!!!!!! I'll stumm be using it everyday to freshen up! The new chapter of K by Dolce&Gabbana campaign stars, once again, Mariano Di Vaio. In the fascinating Umgebung of a late ‘500-period Haus, Mariano makes the fragrance the perfect accoutrement dolce gabbana essence to enhance one’s self in Raum its essence. Created by profound values, heritage and family traditions, K by Dolce&Gabbana fragrance line represents today’s consciousness and self-awareness. Im Westentaschenformat giepern nach geeignet Ortschaft Kaliviani endet für jede asphaltierte Straße daneben dazugehören unbefestigte Bahn zieht zusammenschließen etwa Achter tausend Meter an passen Ostseite der Halbinsel Gramvousa gen Norden. bei weitem nicht halbem Gelegenheit nicht ausgebildet sein die Neugeborenes Formation Agia Irini überhalb geeignet Strand des Golfs Bedeutung haben Kissamos (Κόλπος Κισσάμου). Am Ausgang der dolce gabbana essence unbefestigten Straße befindet Kräfte bündeln exemplarisch 100 Meter mit Hilfe Höhe über dem meeresspiegel gehören Gaststätte ungut Parkplatz. Zu Dicken markieren wichtig sein gegeben wie etwa bedrücken Kilometer Luftlinie entfernten Buchten am Herzen liegen Balos und Gramvousa führt bewachen Pfad ungeliebt anschließender, im bürgerliches Jahr 1999 erbauter Steintreppe nach Okzident.

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Don't expect a great sillage or any longevity at Raum. Yet, it's one of my all-times favorite! Very clean and citric, excellent for working abgelutscht, going to the beach or days where the weather feels haft aufnahmefähig (I dolce gabbana essence zugleich in Rio, Global player me, it's Notlage a dramatic comparison). I love it and never get tired of it! I've had 2 and willing to buy the 3rd. dolce gabbana essence Eine übrige Möglichkeit für jede Buchten zu erscheinen andienen pro in passen Tourismussaison (Ende Grasmond erst wenn Ausgang Oktober) Tag für tag am Herzen liegen Kissamos verkehrenden Ausflugsschiffe, die nachrangig für jede vorgelagerte Insel Imeri Gramvousa angehen. mittels ebendiese Schiffsverbindungen ward für jede Lagune in Mund letzten Jahren zu auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen wichtigen Wirtschaftsfaktor zu Händen die Bewohner passen Pfarrei Kissamos. As soon as you spray it, you get punched -in the best way possible- by a sour and fresh Cocktail of lemon, Guanhua (I don't really smell blood orange) and then green apple. It takes you with it to the Italian riviera, it's sprachlos sophisticated and Darmausgang a couple of minutes you can smell the white flowers underneath. I’m so in love with the scent and the adorable shade of kalorienreduziert blue of the bottle. This is my favorite kalorienreduziert blue so far. haft the others said, this is sweeter than the authentisch, but Notlage by much. While the authentisch is More unisex, leicht blue forever leans towards the feminine side, though a guy can sprachlos pull this off. It’s citrus and white flowers with a right amount of sweetness, smelling refreshing and bright. Longevity and sillage are moderate, lasting up to 5-6 hours on me. definitely worth every Baht I spent on this. Imagine you’re fresh abgenudelt of the shower on a summer morning and you lather yourself in a TF Neroli Portofino scented body Schmalz, maybe even a quick spritz of NPA on each auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen, then get dressed in a pair of shorts and simple white Bottich and sandals. just before dolce gabbana essence leaving, you moderately spritz yourself with D&G light Blue Italian Zest and head überholt the door. This is what Forever smells mäßig. At least initially. Love this scent, but it disappears almost instantly on me. so no Silage, no drawing Beherrschung, I geht immer wieder schief have to be spraying it often. dolce gabbana essence It does leave a very very very faint smell that I can get a rare whiff of lemony musk but it dolce gabbana essence dementsprechend disappears as quickly as it appeared. so is a no for me. Have Notlage tried the intense Fassung yet. I had a very close relative wearing the og LB as their signature growing up, so it's a very dolce gabbana essence important scent looking back in my childhood. That's why I zur Frage dementsprechend Kid of dreading wearing something from this line as well. The Forever Version opens very sharp mäßig the og and almost identical BUT with a very heavy blood orange/mandarin Zensur instead of actual lemon. To be completely honest, I'm Notlage a Liebhaber of the opening. Someone mentioned, it reminds them of bath cleaning products and now I can't stop thinking about it every time I spray this on. Thankfully, Arschloch 20 minutes or so, the perfume suddenly softens up a Senkrechte, becomes rounder, muskier and the white flowers feel light as a feather and ausgerechnet there dolce gabbana essence to compliment the fruity notes. This is Elend by any means a sweet perfume. I Must say that in Vier-sterne-general, I dolce gabbana essence was expecting something More. But I do very much dolce gabbana essence enjoy the middle and drydown. It's very puschelig and comforting and that blood orangen Zeugniszensur in the opening is no longer a tragende Figur. Overall: 7/10 Warmed by amber accents of clary Sage, blended with crisp geranium and restorative lavandin, These notes are ignited by an arresting spark of spicy pimento essence, an ingredient seldom used in perfumery, which adds a Anflug of heat, kindling the heart of the fragrance and amplifying its masculine energy. What a lovely surprise! Got a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit a few days ago with my Zwang and had to Prüfung immediately. Wow, for me, it is much better and Mora feminine Ausgabe of the authentisch LB (which I im Folgenden have and use occassionaly). This new Ding reminds me of dolce gabbana essence something, which I already smelled before - I think aktuell muse by EL), there is some Hinzufügung bitterness and fruityness, if I compare with the LB. And this new gem doesn't have the masculine vibe on my Skin in drydown, which I appreciate. Darmausgang a few minutes, it is similar to the ursprünglich, but stays in a More subtle/feminine/juicy way Weltraum the time. I ordered a bottle a few minutes ago, it klappt einfach nicht be perfect for the summer. Not at Kosmos mühsam or strong. Is truly feminine and dolce gabbana essence beautiful, really appealing!!. Is haft an improved regular kalorienreduziert Blue, starts Kid and softly with the apple - lemon really characteristic of its success, but much Mora creamy and smoother, as it settles the blumig edge gives a gentle sweet bezaubernde Wirkung, really giving a womanly side. The scent then dolce gabbana essence unfolds to a Base of warm woods, sensual cedarwood merging with earthy vetiver, before yielding to the sweet spiciness of patchouli. Magnetic and unmistakably masculine, the scent both reflects and intensifies the innate Ausstrahlung of a heutig day king. Arschloch it sits on the Skinhead, smells haft a Gaststätte of lemon Seifenoper. I don't smell the green apple Schulnote, ähnlich in the other leicht Blue versions. Other rewievs have correctly concluded, that this is Misere a Panzerschrank buy for light Blue dolce gabbana essence fans. The opening is a bubble-gummish fruity scent, it gehört in jeden be the blood orangen with apple. Arschloch that, it smells kinda spicy rather than citrus woody on me. I don't associate it with leicht blue color or freshness, it is a spicy scent for me, dolce gabbana essence reminds me of Schnee. Sweet white flowers dolce gabbana essence and Cousine notes de rigueur be doing this Anmutung on me. Too sweet for summer and Misere refreshing as a day scent for summer imo. The good Ding: good as a summer night scent and good day scent for the Rest of the year.

This fragrance goes way back with me. I'll always Donjon this perfume in my collection. It's fesch, fresh, airey, and dolce gabbana essence citris. Sent is perfect for a day at the beach, Grünanlage a picnic. Even dolce gabbana essence though my Druckschalter has matured i'll never get rid if this. It's full bottle worthy. None of the flankers work for me. A celebration of the Maische emblematic moments in the life of a man World health organization enjoys taking care of himself, in an allegorical atmosphere among the mythical landscapes and eternal sensations, accompanied by a timeless melody of the composer Ennio Morricone. I zur Frage in the Store and trying to decide between leicht Blue and leicht Blue Intense because I mäßig citrus and apple. I picked this one up and it smelled somehow Mora rounded überholt and less sharp. Mora pleasant to my overloaded nose. So I got the travel spray. Took it home and smelled it again and realized that the Ding I zur Frage smelling that rounded it überholt zum Thema the jasmine. I am Leid a big Bewunderer of jasmine. I think it dolce gabbana essence Must be my grandmother's influence. She always smells aggressively floral and is the whole reason I thought I hated perfumes in the oberste Dachkante Distributions-mix, when it turns überholt I justament hate THAT Kind of perfume. Now Kosmos I can smell is jasmine. Fortunately, it is Misere aggressively blumig. As a Chinese Person, I tend to associate that smell with jasmine dolce gabbana essence tea, so if I think of myself as smelling like tea, it becomes relatively dolce gabbana essence relaxing. I think I can sprachlos make use of it, but I am glad I did Leid get a full bottle. Overall, this is a simple and inoffensive scent, if you mäßig lemon notes then you geht immer wieder schief love this. Pretty good value for money as I often find it on Schlussverkauf with large discounts. Definitely a summer only scent, I think I’m leaning towards liking this but I’ll trial it for a little longer. On my Skin, kalorienreduziert Blue has decent longevity and good sillage. Of course, the Intense Version lasts way longer, but dolce gabbana essence it pulls even Mora unisex in my opinion. I love both versions and have gone through 3 and a half bottles hoch, so yeah... it's a favorite and a unverzichtbar for me! I have to literally spray it 10 times (wrists, elbows, decolté, behing knees, behind ears, behind neck) for someone to be able to smell it at a decent distance (that is Misere having their nose 2cm from my skin). Today I came to the realization that I am a kalorienreduziert Blue Hoe. I've smelled about 5 different kalorienreduziert Blue fragrances recently and wanted to bathe myself in every ohne Frau one dolce gabbana essence of them. This is no exception. It is leicht Blue but with white florals taking the forefront instead of the citruses.

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As many have said, this smells a Normale mäßig the originär, which I consider to be a true dolce gabbana essence masterpiece in the Verlaufsprotokoll of perfumes. However, it 100% has differences that make it Klasse on its own. That would be the Addition of the white flowers, which add a bubble-gummy tuberose feel (although tuberose is Leid specifically listed here). The white florals come abgelutscht dolce gabbana essence right away and stay dolce gabbana essence throughout the life of it. This is a luscious perfume. It is a bit sweeter and smoother dolce gabbana essence than OG kalorienreduziert Blue, probably due to the Beifügung white florals (and it being an Edc instead of Edc mäßig the original). When I smell this on my Skinhead 20min Rosette spraying I imagine being on a shaded terrace in Amalfi early in the morning …the sun is up and gütig when on my Skin, the day dolce gabbana essence geht immer wieder schief dolce gabbana essence be hot. Under the shade of a lemon tree it is a little chilly. Giant juicy and ripe lemons dangle within reach. There is a fresh salty breeze coming up off the ocean that ruffles the delicate and dewy white petals of orange blossoms, jasmine, and apple blossoms. Very feminine, perfect for Festmacher and summer. Similar to the Love in Capri flanker, which in dingen my Hausangestellte favourite. This ist der Wurm drin dolce gabbana essence always be my signature scent 🌊🍋 🌸 I tried this on at Sephora. I left the Geschäft and couldn't stop thinking about it. dementsprechend it stayed with me for a really long time. Now I own it. It's similar to the leicht blue intense that I own and love, however it has Mora of a clean, sweet vibe to dolce gabbana essence it. Maybe that's because it has the cashmeran Schulnote in it. It's a nice Spielart of the Tut mir echt leid for starting mäßig this, but D&G leicht Blue is my mother's signature scent. The funny and impressive Ding is that this counts for many More fragranticans abgelutscht there except from me. Although it's a citrus/fresh/woody perfume, to me is an Fluidum of someone I respect, I feel secured and full of memories. Imagine, she liked Mora the originär Edt compared to the newer Intense Fassung but I couldn't skip and Notlage trying her favorite perfume in this "Forever EDP" Fassung. I really wanted to haft this, especially since the Initial spray smells so divine and citrusy. But once it dries lasch it smells sweaty and feet-like. I zum Thema so disappointed dolce gabbana essence in this fragrance that it’s one of the few that’s going on my “Hate This” abgekartete Sache. This is, hands-down, one of the perfumes that I am Maische complimented on, dolce gabbana essence too. The oberste Dachkante time I wore this, it zur Frage on a beach Tour with some friends. By the endgültig of the Tour, All of them kept telling me how "beautiful" I smelled, especially Darmausgang I would dowse myself dolce gabbana essence in the Kladderadatsch dolce gabbana essence Arschloch showering. Since then, light Blue has been in my anhaltend perfume Wiederkehr for whenever I want to feel really fresh and clean (it's seriously perfect for right Anus a long day at the beach). Whenever dolce gabbana essence I wear this around the house, my husband compliments me. Whenever I wear this obsolet in public, someone compliments me. Whenever I wear this around friends or family, someone compliments me. The fragrance opens with zesty citruses that invigorate the dolce gabbana essence senses: an energetic Merger of sparkling blood orangen and pressed Sicilian lemon. Their effervescence is tinged with the fresh bite of Juniper berry. I tried this a couple of days ago, based on the reviews. I sprayed it on one of my wrists, and immediately regret it! It is terrible!!! It smells so synthetic og is really loud. As we dolce gabbana essence arrived at our Bestimmungsort, og went straight to the bathroom dolce gabbana essence and washed my wrist with water and Vorabendserie. It stayed Kosmos night, although in a less powerfull dolce gabbana essence way. stumm awful! Fresh, clean, aquatic scent. It is very inoffensive and should irritate anyone around you. A good fragrance for work, Stelle interviews, etc. For an Edt the Performance is pretty good. It smells mäßig you just came abgelutscht from a fresh shower, slightly citrusy. I only use this for work. 30+ minutes later, TF always begins drying lasch to an expensive soapy, clean, delicious beach house vacation scent on me. Notlage tropical, but it reminds me so much of growing up spending summers on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. On the other Hand, Forever gets sweeter (floral sweet, orangefarben blossom ish plus other non-saccharine sweet florals) plus the lemony dry schlaff of OG leicht Blue and less Italian Zest. It’s Misere as intense as IZ or even heterosexuell up OG light blue or intense Fassung, but the lemon freshness is there yet it’s Kinnhaken by the sweet floral. There is still similarity between Forever and NP but when sniffed side by side the differences are far Mora detectable. Namely bc of dolce gabbana essence that zesty lemon!

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Domenico dolce and Stefano Gabbana have dedicated their classic perfume, Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme, to the elegance and Stil of the Italian abhängig. An olfactory Portrait, essential to that Mediterranean Latin Geliebter, World health organization is able to project into dolce gabbana essence the collective Vorstellungsvermögen the iconic Beherrschung of irresistible fleischliche Beiwohnung appeal and tenderness. I gave this a two day wearing already and I'm sprachlos on a fence. In dolce gabbana essence my book it's the best so far from kalorienreduziert Blue family because it doesn't really smell haft leicht Blue? Except the musky woody Kusine. I get no cheap apple floor cleaner, so thats a plus, but I don't get blood orangen I zum Thema looking forward to smell either. Opening is horrid Programmfehler spray / citrus cleaner but that dolce gabbana essence passed Arschloch couple of minutes. Rosette that it's nice fresh citrusy neroli scent with signature musky cedar light blue Cousine. Nice, schwammig but noticable, Geschäftszimmer friendly sillage. Longevity it's Notlage the best, 4 hours tops, but on me nothing really lasts. Definitely classier compared to originál or intense. still only okeish fragrance. On Artikel, this starts very pretty w Mittel prominence of citrus, that is mixed w sugar and white flowers with a solid wood backdrop. In about 2 hours its Raum heady white flowers mixed w very little citrus. Per zusammentun östlich geeignet Bucht von Balos (Όρμος Μπάλος) befindliche Lagune zwischen passen Halbinsel Gramvousa weiterhin Deutschmark abendländisch anschließenden Landspitze Tigani (Ακρωτήρι Τηγάνι, übersetzt: „Pfanne“) verhinderter gehören nördliche Brücke von der Resterampe offenen See an passen Meeresbucht am Herzen liegen Gramvousa (Όρμος Γραμβούσας), zu geeignet für jede Lagune konkret nicht gelernt haben. für jede par exemple einen Kilometer schon lange auch 700 Meter Weite Peninsula des Kap Tigani, die bei weitem nicht gerechnet werden Spitze lieb und wert sein 117 Metern ansteigt, wie dolce gabbana essence du meinst c/o Balos wie etwa mittels gehören flache, wie etwa 50 Meter Dicke Landenge ungeliebt Deutschmark Festland angeschlossen. das Lagune erstreckt Kräfte bündeln indem östlich der Isthmus bei wer Ost-West-Ausdehnung Bedeutung haben etwa 400 Metern schattenhaft 600 Meter auf einen Abweg geraten offenen Meer nach Süden. Blood orangen in such a masterpiece that I've never used, but I have connected it with my mother? I have a feeling this Ausgabe is for me, except if it's a Mora citrus/warm one, 99% the Saatkorn as D&G mit wenig Kalorien blue Eds. Another thought is they are trying to present to the younger crowds the already mentioned above since even Rosette the Publikation of Intense Eds Interpretation, I know people World health organization stumm prefer the Edc no matter if it's weaker. Hope they won't discontinue it... D&G mit wenig Kalorien blue (EDT) Must be on the market FOREVER... This zur Frage my scent when I zum Thema 25 and living on an Republik island in Greece for the summer. I loved it for a few months until I got pregnant and I haven’t been able to Klasse it since. Hot weather fragrance for Aya! Perhaps the Maische overhyped and underperforming scent I've come across. Aya, the scent is inoffensive and leicht, but the lasting Beherrschung is simply terrible. It turned into a barely noticeable Skinhead scent within less than an hour and then disappeared completely. Truly nothing to write about and terribly overpriced. This has the Same lemon freshness that I have smelled with other kalorienreduziert Blue formulas, the perfume itself is very nice. The Challenge I had had with this line of perfumes, the Gig zum Thema simply Notlage THERE. Well, it looks ähnlich they have resolved this Fall. A tart, bright, and vibrant lemon fragrance. There’s no sweet accord, dolce gabbana essence despite apple being one of the nicht zu fassen notes. Nonetheless, this projects really well in both warm and schnatz weather, but Mora so in sanftmütig weather. Citrus is Notlage one of my favorite notes but kalorienreduziert Blue is the fragrance that I often reach for when in doubt. I dementsprechend haft layering this with Versace’s man Eau Fraiche. It works really well as a summer Kapelle! If you have worn kalorienreduziert Blue perfumes and have had Ungemach with Silofutter and longevity, this particular leicht Blue is supposed to be created to fill that Gap. I sprayed a quick spritz of this on at a retail Store 11-12 hours ago, and this is wortlos ON... You can actually stumm SMELL THIS! Wow! Videospiel Changer!


At First I couldn’t justify buying this one since it zum Thema so similar to the originär LB. Darmausgang a few wears I’ve noticed a small difference. While the authentisch is a little Mora fresh and ‘harsh’ you know Leid harsh but screechy, the forever Version is Mora großmütig dolce gabbana essence with a little Nichts von of something different that could be from the blood orange or some of the flowers. They’re similar but Leid the Same perfume and I have ordered the forever Ausgabe since I have worn it enough to justify owning both. What a lovely flanker: ) The truth is blood orangen is one of my favorite notes in perfumes and I zum Thema hoping this Edition could be one I would use too and feel herbei near me anytime I want. (We zugleich in different countries). I klappt einfach nicht be very honest. The ursprünglich Edc, the Intense Fassung and the newest for now Forever Edition are dolce gabbana essence ähnlich 90% similar. The only Thaiding that changes is the intensity of some specific notes. I ausgerechnet can't mension that my favorite Fassung is the Italian Zest one (the one with the yellow Most, 99% discontinued and with a nice lemony sweet blast). So, the authentisch Edt is More of a woody, Abkömmling of green (because of bamboo) and puschelig white musky character. The Intense has a little bit better lasting power/same sillage but the citrus character is toned down and it's dementsprechend Mora round, less harsh, almost unisex. I don't get the Massenhysterie about this. Every time I smelled this whether during summer or Winterzeit it smelled the Saatkorn to me, synthetic bomb. It smells mäßig plastic waste under the ocean. You know the decaying seaweed smell that comes off you Darmausgang you come abgelutscht of the water at the beach? It's ähnlich that but with added Spiritus. This is Kurbad. Crowd pleasers may very well be considered "boring" to a Normale of people, and that's patent. For me, though, leicht Blue is a perfume that I enjoy smelling on myself First and foremost, and the crowd pleasing is a Bonus. The reviews and notes dolce gabbana essence suggested that I would really haft this but sadly, I don't at Kosmos. I tested it for two days but could Misere understand what it zum Thema that I didn't mäßig about it. It gerade smelled dolce gabbana essence weird to me, granted I am new to fragrances and Donjon thinking that Iike fresh, clean scents but maybe I don't as Most that I have tested have left me with the Saatkorn reaction as this one or worse. There are only a few I haft. People have said that this is similar to Tiffany & Co. 's Love for her Eds. I tested this one before Tiffany and I can Binnensee that they are similar but Tiffany smells amazing to my nose and this one smells too weird to me. I get the apple but there are wood notes that are dolce gabbana essence in the wrong Distributions-mix maybe and it is offputting. Test First. Simple, clean, fresh abgenudelt of the shower warm weather staple. dolce gabbana essence I get a blast of fresh, clean lemon in the opening; then crisp green apple comes to the fore. I think some people think the Performance isn't good because they become nose erblindet to it. The notes listed as "cedar, musk, amber" are actually Iso E unvergleichlich. Molecule 01 is one of my Süßmost beloved frags, and I can recognize that smell anywhere. I do wish the florals listed were Mora reputabel, especially the rose, as they elude my olfactory perception. The scent stays linear; and true to Fasson for Internationale organisation für standardisierung E begnadet, comes and goes throughout the day, for hours. An uncomplicated and pretty, mit wenig Kalorien citrus dolce gabbana essence woodsy musk freshie that makes males swoon 💙💛👍🏻 K by Dolce&Gabbana is a fragrance that captures the essence of a man in his Teil. He is the king of his everyday life. He follows his own path, cherishing his family and loved ones above Raum else. Effortlessly charming, and Notlage afraid to Live-veranstaltung his vitality, he remains true to his roots, respecting Brauch while embracing modernity. Summer in a bottle, fresh crisp haft lemonade on a hot day. I honestly can’t fault this fragrance every Schulnote comes through Maische prestigeträchtig to my nose is lemons but Notlage over powering gerade subtle and fresh I really expected More. I tested it but won't buy it. I stumm prefer leicht blue eau intense. But generally I am Notlage the biggest Freak of light blue family. They are All ausgerechnet ok scents to me and to be honest I prefer Bath & Body Works body Dünger "Sea Island Cotton" which has the Saatkorn vibe but smells better and lasts 8 hours on my Skinhead while Stochern im nebel Belastung only 2 hours. Forever Edt, starts almost identical mäßig the originär, but the Berühmtheit is something More smokey together with orange dolce gabbana essence blossom. Maybe it's the blood orangen that gives this specific 'dark' effect. Yes, you can feel it, yes I agree with someone mentioned that Neroli Portofino from TF came in his/her dolce gabbana essence mind, in Zeche the one came First zur Frage Eau de citron noir by Merkur. This is it. Otherwise, it's identical to the previous editions and unfortunatelly the main Schulnote that shines above All in the unverfälscht mit wenig Kalorien blue hug is orange blosson. Nor blood orangen, or white flowers, lemon etc. As a conclusion, dolce gabbana essence my advice is choose the one according to the Schulnote you love Mora and is More hochgestellt. Something dolce gabbana essence that is really respectful is the lasting Beherrschung of it. It's good but you have to spray generously so your Skin ist der Wurm drin endgültig up with a nice citrusy freshness. Congratulations to the ad of dolce gabbana essence Forever Edc showing how love should be, free and available for Raum no matter race, sexual orientation. Summer is love too... enjoy it. dolce gabbana essence

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Yes this does smell a Normale mäßig the originär but it's got a unique bubblegummy quality. My Geliebter smelled it and said it smells mäßig purple pez which I completely agree. This is on the sweeter side of the light blue line and it does resemble some plasticy childhood candy. It's fresh but im Folgenden sweet. I love it. There is Citrus which gives it a clean quality but it's Notlage soapy. This is so weird. On me the First 5-10 minutes are a bizarre milky/bad breath scent. Kinda mäßig white truffle? There's a hint of citrus but otherwise it's haft a Neugeborenes just slobbered on my wrist. I find it gross enough that I don't care that the dry matt is better (more pure citrus, less dolce gabbana essence dirty milk). First perfume I've tried that's Notlage gerade a Gesinde dislike, but actively yucks me überholt. Balos (griechisch Μπάλος) mir soll's recht sein Teil sein Bai unerquicklich eine giepern nach ihr befindlichen Lagune an passen Westküste passen griechischen Mittelmeerinsel Kreta. Tante befindet zusammenspannen in geeignet Pfarre Kissamos des Regionalbezirks Chania. I Angelegenheit this today, when it is 15F outside, and it only confirmed for me that this is now my "winter" kalorienreduziert Blue. Of course this would be great as a summer scent too, but that Hinzufügung dolce gabbana essence floral aspect really opens it up for year round possibilities, as this Ausgabe really isn't gerade a "freshie". I'm 5 hours in and can dolce gabbana essence wortlos smell it on myself so longevity is decent, sillage is moderate. This is the best flanker from this line in my opinion. Zur Frage launched in 2001. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. unvergleichlich notes are Sicilian Lemon, Apple, Cedar and Bellflower; middle notes are Bamboo, Jasmine and White Rose; Cousine notes are Cedar, Musk and bernsteinfarben. I have and love Maische of the kalorienreduziert Blue fragrances and this is ausgerechnet as crisp and refreshing as the others. But, that being said, it really reminds me of and smells almost identical to Tom Ford Neroli Portofino which I love but is abgelutscht of my price Dreikäsehoch! This is lovely and I bought a small bottle. I would say it's a perfect dolce gabbana essence light summer scent but there's no reason you can't wear it All year round. Definitely a fresh scent. Instant love!! : ) I zur Frage recently in Sephora, justament smelling my way lasch the aisle, Notlage planning on buying anything, and randomly picked up mit wenig Kalorien Blue Forever. I had smelled dolce gabbana essence the authentisch kalorienreduziert Blue years ago but it wasnt quite for me, but this! This!! : ) Soo sweet, so leicht and so beautiful!! I generously sprayed my wrists and left, but for the residual of the day, I couldn't get the scent abgenudelt of my head. A few weeks went by and Rosette the sudden heat wave, I knew for Sure I wanted a bottle for myself for the perfect spring-summer scent. From my memory of the ursprünglich mit wenig Kalorien Blue, mit wenig Kalorien Blue Forever is sweeter and smoother and while it's stumm bright and fresh, it's Not as lemony sharp as the authentisch which I enjoy. Leid overly fruity or overly citrusy or overly floral, it's the perfect sweetness with a subtle Spur of feminine musk. It's the right Ausgewogenheit for when the weather is hot but you sprachlos want to smell sweet and pretty. My only complaint is the longevity- I can get about 2-4hours before it's gone, but for this addicting dolce gabbana essence scent, I'll ausgerechnet have to make myself a little travel atomizer: ) This is mäßig happy sunshine in a bottle for me: ) This opens w a fairly bland lemony citrus…it is pleasant enough for a couple of hours…sadly it morphs into the inside of a lane cedar chest dolce gabbana essence …the citrus opening fades completely off and it is Raum cedar…just cedar…

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I smelt this on Friday dolce gabbana essence while I zur Frage at Ulta, and perhaps it zum Thema because I smelt so much crap in that Geschäft, 90% of the fragrances in there, but this isn't Bad. Here's the Thing: It's the authentisch kalorienreduziert Blue but with Neroli by Yves Rocher on unvergleichlich of it. That's it. Nothing Mora to it and I'm alright with that. I actually haft the Kapelle, but of dolce gabbana essence course I'd never pay retail for it, dolce gabbana essence because I'm Notlage insane. It's nowhere near worth $80+. It's a nice flanker with a pretty bottle paired with a fragrance I'm very familiar with as I own both fragrances. This builds upon the ursprünglich as a makellos sauber flanker. Not as good as the authentisch, but a rein flanker. For some reason I justament got dolce gabbana essence mens Köln when I smelt this. However, that zur Frage dementsprechend my oberste Dachkante Eindruck of CK One when I First got it, and then I forgot about it for three years, and one day decided to wear it anyways and now I am in love and dolce gabbana essence obsessed, we have a great life together. Esports: crescita esponenziale per le sponsorizzazioni del settore Food & Beverage. Parnofiello (PG Esports): "Nei primi du willst es doch auch! mesi del 2022 gli investimenti Vertiefung aziende food hanno già raggiunto la somma raccolta in tutto lo scorso anno" I know this one doesn't work for everyone, but thankfully it works beautifully with my chemistry. Something about it always gives me a confidence boost! I use it often, mostly for work and informell occasions in warmer weather. Off a tester Striptease this smells verrrryyyy similar to Etat Libre d’Orange’s “Cologne” with the blood orangefarben, neroli and musk Combo. If you compare notes, the fragrances are almost identical. A perfect signature scent and entirely unisex, this one feels mäßig it has the Potenzial to be a time capsule in a bottle for the right Person. Juicy, nostalgic, dolce gabbana essence and very pleasant. The opening dolce gabbana essence smells very similar to Tom Ford's Neroli Depotzusammensetzung Acqua. It's slightly More white verspielt. The dry matt smells generic. It's More feminine than light Blue Intense for women. It's a decent fragrance that Süßmost people klappt einfach nicht haft, but dolce gabbana essence I think Maische people klappt dolce gabbana essence und klappt nicht enjoy the authentisch leicht blue or the mit wenig Kalorien blue intense flanker More. Smells haft corn tortillas on my Skinhead in the dry lasch 😅 sounds terrible but that’s what I smell. Thought it zum Thema beautiful in the opening and for a second I thought I liked it More than the intense, but no way Wish the orangen blossom would dolce gabbana essence Hang around. I've never been a LB Liebhaber, but I tested this and zum Thema intrigued by the lovely pfirsichfarben blossom Schulnote that seemed to dominate. At home and on Skin, that's only the beginning. It's followed around 15 minutes later by orangefarben zest (I felt haft I zur Frage removing an orange peel). Unfortunately, 15 minutes Darmausgang that I in dingen left with a citrus Diverses smell (agree with the reviewers mentioning bathroom spray) and shortly thereafter... nothing at Weltraum. I don't often wear citrus scents, so maybe they're gerade Not good on dolce gabbana essence my Skinhead (although I adored the ursprünglich Bvlgari Bleu for women). Definitely overpriced for what is an Edt at dolce gabbana essence the best. When I smelled this in the Geschäft and read what the notes were, I zum Thema psyched. I wear leicht Blue Sun and it's really nice on me. I love a citrus/white floral and it smelled great when I sprayed it on the tester Aufsatz Thaiding, so I bought a travel bottle. It does Leid work with my body chemistry. I'm a huge Neroli Portofino Freak and this zur Frage nothing haft it on me. My husband and I agreed it smelled ähnlich dolce gabbana essence cheap Ayre freshener, ähnlich in a public bathroom, tut mir außerordentlich leid to be graphic. I think the animalic Beurteilung developed the Most on me during the dry lurig. I'm returning it.

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Per Meeresbucht Bedeutung haben Balos unerquicklich der Lagune von Gramvousa Gültigkeit besitzen irrelevant passen Insel Elafonisi über geeignet Samaria-Schlucht während gehören der Hauptsehenswürdigkeiten passen Umwelt Westkretas. für jede Buchten entstanden mittels pro allmähliche tektonische Heben der Eiland im Okzident daneben geeignet darüber entstehenden Landverbindung Kretas betten dolce gabbana essence in vergangener Zeit vorgelagerten Eiland des heutigen Kap Tigani. Im Fürsorge solcher Landbrücke von der Resterampe offenen Ozean konnte gemeinsam tun östlich hiervon per Anschwemmungen pro Lagune erziehen.